A Blend of Cultures in Croatia

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A Blend of Cultures in Croatia
Because of its location, Croatia is a crossroads of influences of both the Western and Eastern hemispheres. Its rich culture is a beautiful blend of traditions with strong influences from Greek, Roman, and Bronze Age civilizations and the Venetian Renaissance. While visiting, there are many ways you can immerse yourself into this unique combination of cultures and feel right at home!
Celebrations and Festivals All Year Long!
As you make your way through Osijek all the way south to Dubrovnik, you will easily see how Croatia has taken these many influences and meshed them into something truly unique - through their music, dance, art, and their many annual festivals. You may get the opportunity to attend a religious event like Holy Week in Spring, one of their Summer Festivals or Concerts, or experience the beauty of Christmastime, where many people wear traditional costumes and wander the advent markets. In February, in Zadar, Samobor, or Rijeka, you can also experience the Feast of Saint Blaise carnival with parades, performances, and celebrations.
Family Life is the Best Life
In Croatia, family is everything. There is a high importance placed on spending quality time together and celebrating life’s many special occasions together - like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Children often live at home until they marry to follow the traditions set by their ancestors. This is sometimes a culture shock for most Western visitors, but blood is definitely thicker than water in Croatia.
Serious Superstitions
While in Croatia, you might also hear of some superstitions that residents feel pretty strongly about following. To get you acclimated beforehand, we’ve included some of our favorites below!
  • Don’t sit directly on concrete (always put a layer of paper or fabric beneath you)
  • Keep your kidneys covered always
  • Always wear an undershirt and keep it tucked in
  • Avoid cross breeze indoors (don’t open two windows in a room)
  • Always wear slippers inside
  • Always blow-dry your hair and don’t go outdoors for several hours afterward
  • Never let your purse or bag touch the ground
  • Chairs and benches must have cushions to sit on
Even though Croatia is not a very large country, it certainly makes up for it with its fascinating culture and diversity. Are you ready to explore the regional cultures for yourself and fall in love with Croatia? Click here to schedule a complimentary call and let us help you, “Seymour” of the World!