A Food Lovers Guide to Budapest

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A Food Lovers Guide to Budapest

The city of Budapest is filled with wonders of all kinds. Regardless of your reason to visit - whether it’s to gaze in appreciation at the detailed architecture, immerse yourself in the rich history, or just bask in the natural sites - you won’t want to leave without treating yourself to some of the delicious local dishes. Trust us when we say your tastebuds will be celebrating from the rich flavors found in some of the traditional cuisines.

Local Favorites
As you’re walking the streets of Budapest, you will notice that there are street vendors on almost every corner! Places like Karavan give you a great way to experience the variety of street vendors and food trucks that have become so popular throughout the city. One food you can’t leave without trying is langos. Langos is a flatbread that is deep-fried in fat and served by itself or covered in mouthwatering toppings like cheese, sour cream, onions, tomatoes, and more.
Once you’re done with your savory langos, you’ll probably be looking for something sweet to finish it off. If so, you can head over to the Szamos Marzipan! This museum was created in honor of Mátyás Szamos and Károly Szabó. These artists started shaping marzipan into the shapes of flowers and other beautiful creations back in the 1930s, and this museum intends to keep their spirit - and tasty treats - alive.
The “Spirit” of Budapest
Budapest isn’t just about food! They are also the home of many incredible wines and spirits. Here are a few ways you can sample some of the best that the city has to offer.
  • Budapest International Wine Festival - This festival has been around for about thirty years and is popular across the world. Each year it attracts tons of tourists to indulge in a seemingly endless selection of wine and food. It’s safe to safe your glass will never be empty.
  • Budapest Palinka and Sausage Festival - If you’re in the country in October, definitely make your way to the Budapest Palinka and Sausage Festival to try some of the fantastic European brandy paired with any of the many sausage varieties you will find throughout the stands.
  • Visit the Etyek-Buda Wine Region - If you’re looking for a great day trip, you can make your way to the Etyek-Buda Wine Region and experience one of the leading wine-producing villages that have been around since the 18th century. Just prepare yourself to try dozens of varieties!
  • Visit the Zwack Museum - Visit the Zwack Museum to learn all about Budapest’s most famous liquors, Hungarian Unicum. It is an herbal liquor or bitters that is known to aid in digestion. You will find this tremendously after delving into all of the spicy street foods.
Want a more hands-on foodie experience? While in Budapest, we can even help you sign up for the perfect Hungarian cooking course. You will get to experience an authentic three-course meal that you helped create. Talk about lifelong memories! If you’re ready to start planning your Food Lover’s Getaway to Budapest, click here to schedule a call with us! We can’t wait to help you “Seymour of the World!