Culture of Prague

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Culture of Prague

Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital city, is also the country’s “culture capital.” Everywhere you go, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful European architecture, theaters, music clubs, and museums… even a random side street can be as stunning as a significant landmark.

Taking in the Sights

The city’s architecture is stunning, with churches, cathedrals, monasteries, gothic spires, palaces, and bridges to admire. The best way to explore the enchanting city is by foot so you can freely roam the medieval cobbled streets at your own pace.

Crossing the Charles Bridge from the Old Town on your way to Prague Castle, you will want to take photos of the baroque-style statues. In next week’s email, we will touch a little bit on some of Prague’s other gorgeously crafted buildings and historical sites.

The Sound of Music

On your stroll through the city, you may even be fortunate enough to enjoy a street performance by one of Prague’s many local artists. The city is filled with music – between the wonderful selection of clubs and bars and various seasonal festivals to keep you entertained.

A few of the most popular festivals are:

  • Rock for People – Typically held in the Summer, this three-day rock festival offers two large outdoor stages with various DJ booths for you to experience artists and bands from all over the work.
  • Dvorak Prague – A classical music festival held each annual in early Autumn and was created to celebrate the legacy “of Antonín Dvořák, his contemporaries, and his pupils.” Only the best musicians, orchestras, and conductors from around the world are invited to participate in the performance.
  • Prague Spring – Started in 1946, Prague Spring is the oldest classical music festival in the Czech Republic and is held every year in the Spring.

Glorious Galleries

If you are a lover of all things fine art and history, Prague should be at the top of your travel list. With over twenty museums, all you need to do is pick the style and time period of art you’d like to experience and then go!

One of our favorite stops is The National Museum. Made up of fourteen buildings, ten of which are cultural monuments, the National Museum is home to an incredible number of exhibits and collections displaying Prague’s rich history. With long-term exhibits that highlight natural sciences, history, music, and literature to temporary exhibitions that showcase items from all around the world - like archaeological discoveries from Czech Egyptologists and, most recently, this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo.

If you are passionate about all things art and entertainment, Prague should be the city at the top of your travel list. With an endless selection of activities, stunning sights, and people who are warm and welcoming, you’ll find yourself falling in love with Prague in no time. Click here to schedule your call and begin planning your perfect cultural adventure. We can’t wait to help you “Seymour” of the world with us!