Don’t Miss Out on Your Dream Bucket List Trip

Before your trip
Don’t Miss Out on Your Dream Bucket List Trip

For some, a dream destination pops easily into mind: they know exactly where they would go in a heartbeat.

For others, it’s more ambiguous. You might have an idea about what you’d like, but you might not be entirely sure where you’d have your passport stamped if the opportunity came up tomorrow.

The best way to make something happen is to give it shape. Turn it into something to look at, imagine, talk about, and (most importantly!) plan. Here’s a fun way to get started working out the details of that trip you are dreaming about:

When you are having a bad day, what’s your “happy place”? For some, this might be a specific place, say Bora Bora or the Alps. But more than that, what’s the feeling you go to when you’re stressed out or stuck in traffic? Do you imagine the lazy perfection of pristine beaches? The thrill of a long zipline? The rush and sensory feast of busy marketplaces? The lure of a vineyard? Make a list: 10 things that come to mind on the most fun, relaxed, no-obligations, open day you can imagine.

What do you crave? Think of what you wish you had more of — free time, adventure, romance, time to learn a new skill, sunshine, purpose. What are you, deep down, craving to add to your life? When you imagine being your best self, what are you doing? And who is with you? What is the weather like? Jot down ten things you are longing for in your life right now.

What’s one luxurious thing you secretly want? For some, it’s as simple as a pile of books and no emails to answer. For others, it’s endless room service, all-day spa treatments, or gourmet food and wine every evening. No matter how big or small, write down five luxuries that would make you feel like you’d won the lottery if someone handed them to you right now.

When looking through magazines, which images grab you the most? Spicy and exotic? Relaxed and laid back? Misty and mysterious? You might be surprised. Some people assume that their “dream” trip is in an all-inclusive resort somewhere. But if you keep coming back to the pictures of a bike tour through Tuscany — well, don’t ignore that! That experience might feed something in you that another experience might not even begin to touch. Look for common themes in the images that speak to you the most.

When you’ve had time to assemble your thoughts — and if you’re working on this with your partner or friends or family members — look for overlaps, recurring themes, those quiet nudges you can’t seem to shake. Hold onto those images. Listen to your gut. And start to dream big. Set a goal, start saving if you need to, and start giving shape to your plan that gets you closer to making your bucket list trips a reality.

The best part? I can help you design this trip down to the last customized detail. Give me a call, and let’s get started! To contact me, click here now!

Lisa Eidman

Lead Photo by Slava on Unsplash