Fall Reflections – thinking of Apple Cake!

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Fall Reflections – thinking of Apple Cake!

Happy Fall!

Hard to believe that fall is upon us. Not much of the US is really feeling fall weather yet, but just passing that official fall equinox date gives us reason to pause and think about where the year has gone. This year, it also coincides with the Jewish High Holiday season, always a time for reflection. Shanah Tovah to all my friends and family during these high holidays, and Happy Fall to all!
I read an article that talked about reflection as a way of making sense of our present and future, not to dwell on the past, but to use it to gain clarity to figure out what is next. It resonated because a lot of us are spending time learning and reviewing our experiences, even though creating new ones are more difficult right now. Whether it’s looking at photos from prior trips or remembrances of working with professional chefs from around the world, those experiences help guide me to the next great thing I want to bring into my life. Stay tuned for the next newsletter. I’m working on some interesting ideas for group trips, hopefully, a “next great thing” for many of you!! If you have ideas, please drop me a line and share them.
My family, while they humor my reflective moods, are more excited when I am focused on current important things, like what I learned from those chefs about fall baking. In honor of Rosh Hashanah and the Fall Equinox, here is an apple cake recipe>> that I have adapted to become our family favorite. I hope you enjoy it – let me know if you bake it, and how it turns out!

Lisa Eidman