From Our Home to Yours – Happy Thanksgiving!!

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From Our Home to Yours – Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello Friends,

I hope that you are all doing well. I wanted to take the opportunity this Thanksgiving weekend to simply check in with you. I hope that you and yours were able to enjoy a peaceful and healthy Thanksgiving. I know ours looked very different from years gone by when we have celebrated with family and friends. The picture that I include today is the last time our immediate family celebrated Thanksgiving together in 2016. Rachel was visiting from Berlin and Daniel was in high school (90 lbs heavier than he is today)!! We were not able to be with either of our kids this year and we miss them both so much! I am so grateful for the love and support we share as a family, even if from a distance.

The past weeks have been so stressful for everyone with so much uncertainty in the world. Even so, I have faith that the travel industry is going to bounce back stronger than ever. While we are still not really traveling, let’s patiently wait for the world to heal so that we can all return to seeing and doing what we love. For those of you who are ready to travel, I would like to be able to advise on where you can go and how to get there safely. For those of you who are just not there yet, I will continue to provide you with informative travel news and share fun and exciting destinations.

In the meantime, check in on someone you care about this weekend!

Thank you and stay safe!