From Us To You… Happy Thanksgiving!

From Us To You… Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Seymour & Associates Family to yours - we wish you safe travels, whether near or far from home and a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

My emails are always filled with exciting destinations and experiences that allow us to escape and relax, and I hope you enjoy learning about new places and fun things to do. Today, I want to reflect on the season. 

This Thanksgiving - Most of us have many things to celebrate - the warmth of our families and the strength of our community.

This Thanksgiving - Let’s also pause to remember those who may not have the same abundance we enjoy.

This Thanksgiving – May our mission, be it in our personal, professional, or volunteer, be rooted in compassion and the true spirit of this holiday.

This Thanksgiving  - Let's reflect on how we can extend our gratitude beyond our tables. As we share our stories of travel and joy, let's remember those facing challenges.