Let’s Get Ready to Travel!

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Let’s Get Ready to Travel!
Things were going so well at the beginning of the year for all of us – great plans, adventures, fun in the new decade, right?! Then, from mid-March, we went through some stages of grief. I sure did – shock, denial, anger. I dealt with that through deep therapy – wine, chocolate, and Netflix, of course!
Then, I decided to make the most of this forced slow down. I focused on introspection and a lot more work on my travel business. Personally, I reconnected with family and friends. That human connection made me feel better, even if most of it was over the phone, texting or zooming. I needed a kick start, so I attended a virtual Tony Robbins seminar. He is the no-excuses motivator who teaches many techniques for being your best self. I am implementing the approaches that most resonated with me.
Businesswise, I am happy that my new website allows me to connect with you every couple of weeks. I’m slowly clearing the clutter from my workspaces – physically, digitally and mentally. I am working on our back-office processes. Some of this is painful for me(!), but (I know) it will allow me to offer you a higher level of concierge service.
This month, I’m attending a large travel networking seminar. This usually takes place in Las Vegas with over 6000 attendees. It is virtual this year, but still totally immersive. I’ll be meeting individually with many travel industry suppliers to understand how their hotels, tours, cruises etc. can enhance your travel experience. They will be sharing all of the latest protocol updates for travel during and post COVID-19. If you have anything specific that you’d like me to check out for you, please drop me a line!
A lot of people are now booking travel for 2021 or 2022. If you’re thinking about a trip, this IS the time to be looking at options. l can help you navigate a path that will give you the best possible travel experience in this new world.
Be safe, keep dreaming about travel and of course, call me when you are ready!