Make the Most Out of Your Holiday to Berlin

Make the Most Out of Your Holiday to Berlin

Hop in! Next stop, Berlin!

If you've been trying to find the perfect destination for your next getaway, why not consider one of Germany's most desirable focal points? With a long history and rich culture, you'll need more than just a few days in Berlin to take it all in.

This started out as just a destination article about Berlin, but many of you know that my daughter Rachel has lived and worked in Berlin as a tour guide for many years. I could not write this article without mentioning her!

To help you get as much out of your trip as possible, we thought we’d share a few treasured places to see and some exciting things to do while visiting this well-known metropolis. Getting to all these places can be complicated, but Rachel is the best (totally unbiased review) tour guide in Berlin and can help orient you to her city. So, here is a day in Berlin!

Once You Wake Up... 
Mornings in Berlin are quite busy. To keep your energy up for all the exploring you'll be doing, you will want to have a hearty breakfast. There are many great breakfast spots to try, and although you want your breakfast to carry you through the day, be sure to try a Berliner, a jelly doughnut!

Once you're done getting a taste of Berlin, head over to Reichstag, the nation’s architecturally pleasing parliament building. Get breathtaking city views after hitching a free ride to the terrace. Be sure to make a reservation as pre-booking is required through the website.

Next, head over to Tiergarten, where you can enjoy historical monuments and see one of Germany's first-ever Neoclassical buildings, Bellevue Palace. After you are done in the Tiergarten, you may want to make your way to the magnificent Brandenburg Gate. From there, go to the somber Memorial to the Murder Jews of Europe, Germany's central Holocaust memorial, a place of remembrance and commemoration of up to six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Now that you’ve had a rather insightful, solemn morning, make your way to the Berlin Cathedral to witness some of Germany’s most magnificent Neo-Baroque style architecture.

Time for lunch and afternoon fun...
Take a lunch break after your long morning to refuel before the afternoon’s adventures. When you’re all rested and ready to go back out, make your way to the ever-so-popular Museum Island on the River Spree.

This island holds five very different museums. These museums feature historical artifacts, antiques, 19th-century art, sculptures, late Antique and Byzantine art, and of course, ancient architecture. You could spend a full day, at least, at the museums if you truly wanted to, but since you're only in Berlin for so long, try to make an afternoon out of it.

It may be a museum for a different day, but one of my favorites was the DDR Museum. It is fairly close to the Alexanderplatz. It offers an immersive experience of everyday life in former East Germany. If you have time in the afternoon, make your way to the city’s public square, the quintessential Alexanderplatz. Nearly half a million people pass through the Alexanderplatz every single day. For a birds-eye view of the bustling city, buy a ticket and explore the top of the Berlin Fernsehturm.

Time to see what the evening brings...
It’s time to see what Berlin's natives are all about.

When you are through exploring and ready for a little late-night fun, Simon-Dach-Strasse, with many lively restaurants, cafes, and bars, is the place to be! This is where you can get a feel of the local Berliner scene and why so many love living in this vibrant city.

Whether you're on a ship visiting for the day or have a few days in the city, let me set you up with Rachel, and she can help you to plan your perfect visit to Berlin! With so much to do and see, I want to help you get the most out of your trip. So click here to schedule your FREE Planning Call and let's chat! 


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