Preparing Your Home for Travel

Before your trip
Preparing Your Home for Travel
Many steps go into planning a trip, and honestly, your to-do list probably seems never-ending. Making sure you have your passport and travel documents, confirming your itinerary, packing the right clothes and necessities… but something that a lot of people forget to add to their list is preparing their home! 
It might not hit you until you’re about to step out the door and head to the airport, but the safety of your home can be a significant source of stress. While I obviously can’t guarantee that any of these methods will work for you, I CAN share a few of the most popular methods many people look to when preparing their home before traveling abroad. Keep scrolling to check them out! Some of these seem obvious, but a reminder is always good when you have the rest of your packing to do!
Home Monitoring Systems: These systems will typically sound an alarm if something should happen. Most also will call through a phone list of people to alert should you not answer due to being out of town. There are plenty of companies that you can look to locally if this is an option that can work for you.
Friends and Family: I always designate a friend, family member, or neighbor to keep an eye on my home while I'm gone. They will usually pick up mail or packages for me as well. Knowing that all my expected (and unexpected) packages are accounted for is a huge stress relief. 
Mail Service: If you don’t have someone to collect your mail, you can go to your local post office to put your mail on hold while you are out. Additionally, you can coordinate with a service like UPS to have any items delivered to one of their hubs so that you can pick them up upon return.
Sensor Light: Sensor and timed lights are a great option when you’re on vacation. You can set your lights and electronics on a timer, typically a light in the living room, to make it look like someone is home. I also know some people who have motion detector lights on the perimeter of their homes.
Social Media: Social media can be a blessing and a curse. I know it's hard to stay off social media and post your fantastic trip photos while you're away. You may want to consider keeping your profiles private or hold off on posting until AFTER you’ve returned so that only your close contacts know you are away.
So do you do any of the items on this list, or might you have something else that you do before you leave? Feel free to hit reply and share them with us! And, if you’re ready to take a little stress out of planning your next getaway and making sure everything goes smoothly, we’d love to help! Click here to schedule your free 20-Minute Planning Session so we can help you “Seymour” of the World.