Protecting the Earth with Conscious Sailing

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Protecting the Earth with Conscious Sailing
As we see many cruise lines launching new ships, it's been exciting to hear how many of them are focusing their resources on creating ships that keep their environment in mind. While not largely publicized, I want to share some of the innovations the cruise industry is bringing forth to keep cruising as environmentally friendly as possible and protect the beautiful destinations they sail through.

Ditch the Plastic
Over the past few years, many cruise lines have come together to announce their scaled elimination of single-use plastics, including items like water bottles and straws. While this may seem like a small change, it is an excellent step in the right direction to ensure that our ocean life is protected from these harmful plastics entering their ecosystem. Some other important initiatives that cruise lines are undergoing include waste management and making sure they dispose of waste efficiently and safely.

Want to know what you can do to help? Travel with a reusable water bottle to help reduce your plastic footprint and bring reusable shopping bags with you and utilize them for your in-port shopping! To save water, you can also rehang your bath towels daily.

Moving Forward in Style
We see many ships "moving" in a better direction when it comes to their fuel usage. For example, Hurtigruten is implementing biofuel on their vessels, and many new ships on multiple lines will be utilizing liquefied natural gas, a clean-burning resource.

Additionally, some cruise lines incorporate "environ-mentality" into their sleek new designs. How? With fresh paint and coatings on the hulls of their ships to improve the ship's drag in the ocean, which would reduce the number of emissions. They are even converting lightbulbs to LED bulbs.

When planning your trip, do you prefer to sail with cruise lines that keep these issues at the top of their mind? Do you have other ways that you try to stay sustainable while cruising? Please feel free to reply and let me know, as I would love to share best practices. Then, once you're ready to begin planning a cruise to your next bucket list destination, click here to schedule your call! We can not wait to help you "Seymour" of the World with us!