Secret Islands in Italy for a Magical Getaway

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Secret Islands in Italy for a Magical Getaway

Although some of Italy's more commonly known islands often take the spotlight, there are a few secret islands that are worth exploring. Whether you prefer a remote getaway or an easier-to-get-to spot, keep reading to discover some of the most magical spots for Italy's islands.

Nature lovers unite! One of the most remote Egadi Islands, Marettimo offers an escape from busy-traffic and overly-populated areas. Not only does it contain protected waters perfect for snorkeling and diving, but it is also nearby some of the most beautiful walking trails.

Another traffic-free spot for when you need to leave the crowded city life behind is Panarea. Frequented by celebrities such as Bill Gates and Beyonce, this island is east of the Aeolian. Islands and is a hot place for taking yacht rides or renting traditional wooden boats. If you’re ready to experience a little luxury, this is the spot for you.

Pantelleria is the place to go for anyone looking for something other than beaches. Located close to Tunisia, this island is technically made of volcanic rock, meaning that natural saunas and mud baths are abundant. There is no shortage of things to do. Whether it is exploring local caves or relaxing in the spas, this island is perfect for anyone in need of a little pampering.

One of the Pontine Islands' biggest islands, Ponza has an ethereal feel that's backed up by some of the local myths and legends about the destination. Ponza contains many hard-to-find bays and coves that are perfect for anyone looking for privacy, as well as many hilly trails and cliffs to wander around.

The largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago, Elba is an excellent choice for historical remains or top-tier beaches. Containing the remnants of a first-century Roman villa and sights such as a cable car that goes to the top of Monte Capanne, Elba is a hot-spot among locals during the summer holidays, so consider coming in the winter months if you're looking for more of a private spot.

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