Staying Active in Paradise

Before your trip
Staying Active in Paradise
If you are looking for a tropical getaway where you can stay active, Tahiti and the surrounding islands - such as Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine, and Taha’a - are a great place to do just that! Depending on where you plan to visit, here are a few of our favorite activities that will serve both your body and your soul! 
Take a Morning Dip
If you have an overwater bungalow in Tahiti or Bora Bora, you can roll out of bed right into the ocean for a refreshing morning dip. Not only will the refreshing waters energize you for your day of adventure, but they will also help you clear your mind and really get into the vacation. Plus, those beautiful tropical rooms on stilts in the water sometimes require a bit of a walk to get back to land. You can keep on walking to some pretty amazing sights, so make sure you packed some hiking shoes along with your swimsuit. 
Trek Through Tahiti
Depending on how experienced you are and where you are heading, there are multiple options for you to explore. You may need a guide, a 4x4, or a permit to go hiking, so be sure to review the requirements before hitting up any of the trails. 
  • Papenoo Valley - Out of the busy capital of Papeete, you have the Papenoo Valley with waterfalls, canyons, and archaeological sites. It is easy to hike through this popular valley, and you’ll find yourself on a trail that leads to the breathtaking Mt. Orohena volcanic crater. 
  • Te Pari Trail - In the south of Tahiti Iti, the Te Pari trail is another great hike that is not difficult. You need to catch a boat to start the picturesque coastal hike that includes pristine beaches, Vaipoiri Cave, and the natural tide pool with fish called the Queen’s Bathing Pool. 
  • More Advanced Options - Looking for a bit of a challenge? For more advanced hikers, you have the Hitiaa lava tubes near Taravao and the Faananu Valley. The toughest, but most rewarding trek, is Mt. Aorai. As the third-tallest peak in Tahiti, you’ll get unmatched views of the island. 
Enjoy Some Pampering
By the end of your hikes, you will surely need some serious pampering. Fortunately, with luxury spas on every island, you will find the indulgence and care that your tired muscles need. Signature French Polynesian treatments include the Polynesian massage or taurumi, a natural flower bath, or body wrap in fresh banana leaves. Every spa menu has tempting and unique offerings, so be sure to schedule several spa visits during your vacation. 
Add in some of Tahiti’s many other activities like diving, snorkeling, surfing, beach walks, yoga, and meditation classes - maybe even a traditional dance class - and you might just want to extend your stay! We can’t wait for you to find fun, inspiration, and ultimate relaxation in Tahiti and to “Seymour” of the world with us. Click here to schedule your call with us, and let’s start planning your getaway today!