Taking Care of the Crew!

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Taking Care of the Crew!
After returning from several cruises these past few weeks, I was reminded of just how much work goes into the whole cruise experience. It’s important not to forget the amazing team of crew members that help make these memorable and life-changing adventures a reality. So today, we wanted to talk a little more about how we, as guests, can do our part to acknowledge and take care of the crew!
Cruise Gratuities
This may be obvious, especially for the tipped crew, but there are additional gratuities you can give your crew members who are both tipped or non-tipped. For example, I’ve heard phone cards can be very helpful, as well as sweet treats they can indulge in during their free time. A handwritten note never goes out of style, either.
A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way
Sounds so simple, but it really is lost on so many. Crew members are human beings, just like you, and therefore are owed basic human decency. For many, this won’t come as a surprise because growing up you’ve probably learned to treat everyone with the same respect, regardless of rank. So, remember to make way for passing crew, give a smile or hello as you pass by, treat facilities with more kindness than you would at home, and if a difficult situation does arise, first assume innocence before making an accusation.
Open to Feedback
An especially great way to say “thank you” is to remember to give positive recognition on your feedback forms. For any positive interaction you have with a crew member, make sure to write down their name on your phone notebook. This will ensure you remember it later as you give feedback on who made a great impression on your cruise. Crew members that are positively named, do receive amazing recognition, and for being away from their families for months at a time, that’s the least we could do.
And there you have it! Just a few ways you can make sure you take care of the crew onboard. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming - it just has to be thoughtful! We’d love to know, what are some ways you have shown your appreciation for an outstanding crew member? Once you’re ready to start planning your next cruise, we’d love to help! Click here to schedule your call today and let us help you find some amazing itineraries to fill your 2022 and beyond!
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