The Food That Makes England Great!

Cultural Exchanges
The Food That Makes England Great!

While visiting England, you discover that English food is hearty, comforting, and delicious! There will be something for every palette with a wide variety, from tasty traditional fare to modern and innovative dishes. England is a melting pot of different nationalities, so if you crave international cuisine, you won't have to look far.

Rise and Shine!
English breakfast can be found on menus worldwide, but there is nothing better than dining on this authentic early day feast in England. A huge plate of bacon, eggs, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, and toast will be accompanied by coffee and juice. It's the perfect plate for any breakfast lover. This traditional breakfast dates back to the 13th century and is sure to fuel you for a busy day of sightseeing.
Fuel Your Adventures
You can expect sandwiches, salads, and hot dishes for lunch, which will vary depending on where you stop to refuel for your on-the-go afternoon. Hopefully, you have found a cozy English pub for some warm food and ale, English cider, or a Pimm's liqueur. If you perfect soaking in the sun or surrounding yourself in history, you might even choose to have a picnic by a lake or partaking in a fine dining experience in an ancient English castle. It is safe to say that, in England, your dining experiences will be rich and diverse.
High tea and afternoon tea are British traditions that are often interchanged but are slightly different. Afternoon tea is sandwiches, scones, or cake served with tea. At fancy places like the Ritz in London, you can experience an authentic afternoon tea that was once a daily ritual. These days it is a luxury or indulgence saved for special occasions. High tea was traditionally served in the early evening with more substantial selections added like meat, egg, bread, and fish dishes. While traveling, high tea can be enjoyed any time and is likely to include a combination of dainty finger foods, desserts, and of course, plenty of cups of hot tea and maybe alcoholic beverages too.
Unwind and Enjoy
Once your day winds down, and you relax your tired feet, there are still plenty of delicious options awaiting you at dinner. Roast dinners with Yorkshire pudding, hot soups, fish and chips with mushy peas, curry, and stews are typical dishes served for a filling evening meal.
To end your day on a sweet note, you might get bread and butter pudding, warm sticky toffee pudding, spotted dick (traditional baked pudding), or strawberries and cream for dessert. Don't forget to try scones with cream and a shot of gin or whiskey!
As you can see, English food is quite a treat. On your travels, you will be sure to discover dishes that make you feel at home, as well as new ones that transport you to a completely different time. If you are ready to taste what England has to offer, click here to schedule a call and let us help you plan the trip of a lifetime. Get ready to indulge your senses and 'Seymour' of the World with Us!
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