Top 3 Reasons Why You Really Do Need a Travel Advisor

Top 3 Reasons Why You Really Do Need a Travel Advisor

Raise your hand if you are the designated vacation planner in your family. Chances are, it is not always your favorite title, especially now. With so many destinations, methods of travel, and varying individual needs for members of your family - it can be overwhelming to organize everyone, research everything, and iron out all the details. Add to it now that you need to be an expert in entry and exit requirements, vaccines, and covid-tests that change daily! If you want to curate a vacation that “wows” everyone in your party and gets you to and from your destination safely, then hiring a professional Travel Advisor will be the easiest decision you’ll ever make. Here are just a few reasons why utilizing a Travel Advisor (like me!) will make your planning process more enjoyable.

You already hire experts to get a better result!
When you get your haircut or do your taxes, do you do it on your own or call an expert? When we are in a jam or out of our skill set, we understand that there are just some things that are better left for the pros. The same goes for planning a vacation!

Travel is one of the biggest three purchases you’ll make in your lifetime - after a home and car (or college tuition if that’s in the cards). Using a Travel Agent can save you time and stress, but most importantly, you have someone who knows all the inside information and can get a better outcome. So why not do that for a better vacation?

The options are endless…
Google alone can be overwhelming but throw in trying to plan a whole family vacation or a multi-location trip, and it becomes even more difficult. Let's take a look at cruises, for example...

  • There are 323 cruise ships to choose from and more on the way
  • This year alone, 28 new cruise ships will be launched.
  • There are over 2200 ports of call around the world to cruise to, of which almost 600 are by river only and the other 1600 by ocean cruising.

That is a LOT of options. There is literally a ship, and an itinerary for every style of traveler, but not every ship or itinerary is for everyone. We are experts at matchmaking travelers to the perfect ship and itinerary.

Navigating the fine print!
Every element of your vacation, including but not limited to your accommodation, flights, tours, cruise, and travel insurance, all have “fine print,” also known as terms & conditions. This isn’t breaking news at all. But what IS new is the number of changes that each travel company is currently making to their services. Changes come out of nowhere and are often effective immediately.

Navigating all of the date changes and schedule change fees and rules can be a Nightmare. The good news is... we are really good at it. You can trust that we have checked the fine print - and understood it before we lock in your travel bookings. If you want flexible travel arrangements, we’ll book it that way.

Are you still wondering how we can help? Click here to download our free PDF with 15 Reasons why YOU should work with a Travel Advisor!

Just a few hours of working with a Travel Advisor can save you many headaches down the road… and around the world. So, if you’re ready to start planning your next vacation, we would love to help you “Seymour” of the World. Click here to schedule your 20-minute planning session, and let’s get started.