Treat Your Tastebuds in Prague

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Treat Your Tastebuds in Prague

If you are a self-proclaimed foodie, you are in for a treat while visiting Prague. While the city’s traditional dishes are hearty and full of meats and vegetables typically accompanied by an ice-cold beer, there are also some exciting surprises throughout its picturesque streets that will change how you think of Czech cuisine.

Must-Try Traditional Fare

Whether you are visiting Prague for the first time, or the hundredth time, there are some traditional dishes that your trip just wouldn’t be complete without. We have listed a few of our favorites below:

  • Trdelnik - Also known as Chimney Cake, this common Prague street food is typically served warm and topped with a dusting of sugar, nuts, or cinnamon. Even though this treat originated in Romania, it’s quickly become popular in Prague and can be found on almost every corner.
  • Goulash (Guláš) - In Prague, Goulash is made differently than it is in other parts of Europe. It’s thicker, with fewer vegetables, larger cuts of meat, and typically served with a side of dumplings. If you want something to hold you over while you spend the day exploring the city, this hearty dish will do the trick. We’ve been told some of the best goulash can be found at Lokál. With multiple locations throughout Prague and over eleven-thousand happy reviews on Google, you don’t have to take our word for it!
  • Chlebíčky - Looking for something quick to grab for breakfast or lunch as you make your way through the city? This open-faced sandwich is the perfect option. You can find it in various deli shops throughout Prague. Served on a bread similar to a baguette and a wide range of toppings like smoked fish, ham, cheese, salami, pickles, tomatoes, onions, and even hard-boiled eggs.

Food On the Go

When you’re in Prague, you’ll be amazed at WHERE you can find ways to try delicious local cuisine. One of our favorite ways to get a little taste of everything is the Naplavka Farmer’s Market. Mingle with the locals while you sip, snack, and stroll your way along the Danube River. You will find an incredibly wide selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables, breads, and meats to sample for yourself. There is even usually live music and performers to make the experience even more culturally immersive.

If you are someone who has a hard time deciding what to try, you could also sign up for a guided Food Tour. A local expert will take you to some of the best spots across the city to try premium cuts of meat from the best local delis, freshly baked bread and desserts from the bakery, and some of the best Czech spirits, beers, and wines! Plus, you’ll get to hear stories and learn more about the history and culture of Prague as your guide takes you from one destination to the next!

Ready to experience the culinary delights of Prague for yourself? Click here to schedule a call and get ready to “Seymour” of the world with us! We cannot wait to help you plan the ultimate bucket list trip.

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