What is your Travel Agent Doing Now?

What is your Travel Agent Doing Now?
Many of you have reached out to see how my family and I are doing during this pandemic, both from a personal and professional standpoint. Thank you. I am grateful for your concern and hope that you and your family are doing well. We are hanging in there, just like the rest of the world during this crazy time! Some of my clients, friends and family have asked me what I am doing with myself since no one is traveling. Simple answer, I’ve been very busy!
Before the pandemic hit, I was so busy booking travel for all of you and loving every minute of it. I was focused on booking your trip, making sure that every detail was planned and attended to, from start to finish. Then, wham! Everything shut down. Every trip or potential trip from mid-March was cancelled or impacted in some way.
The most important thing that I’ve done is to work on refunds, vouchers, and some re-booking of trips. It has been frustrating for all involved as it became very difficult to reach suppliers. They have furloughed many employees while adjusting to not flying, sailing, conducting tours, etc. The situation fills me with compassion for these representatives that I call on a weekly basis. Sometimes, they are the only ones left working remotely in a call center that previously had many customer service reps to handle issues.
I’m happy to say that I was able to secure refunds or future travel vouchers for all of my clients. I am still following up to make sure that those are processed, all the while wanting to assure you, my travelers, that I am working on your behalf to do so. Your trip is my trip and while no agent can control when an airline or cruise line will issue a refund, I continue to advocate and escalate any outstanding issues for each affected client. I’ll continue to do so until every issue is resolved.
More next time on how I am getting ready for the return to travel Be safe, keep dreaming about travel and of course, call me when you are ready!