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Eastern or Western Mediterranean - What’s the Difference?!

With European cruising being “the ticket” this year and because we have several great cruises on deck, pun intended, I've had quite a few people... read more

A Transatlantic Voyage in the Lap of Luxury!

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Top 5 Things To Do In Amsterdam

It's no secret that Amsterdam is one of the most exciting places on Earth to visit! With its rich history, artistic legacy, intricate canal system,... read more

5 Great Stops in Dubrovnik for Game of Thrones Fans

I was reminded of Dubrovnik because I was there this time of year! For many years, HBO’s series “Game of Thrones” had impressive popularity, and now... read more

15 Adventures Awaiting You in Madrid

It’s another beautiful week, and as always, we are on the lookout for our next incredible destination. Right now, we’ve got our sights set on... read more

12 Popular Historic Castles in Germany

Germany's historical influences and gorgeous architectural designs are aspects that set this country apart from others. The old-world charm is reflected in the 20,000 various... read more

Five Must-See Places in Germany

Whether you’re looking for a destination rich in history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture OR delicious food and welcoming people, Germany has it all! With... read more

Eat Like a Local in France

There is no question about it - food is one of the best ways to learn about a different culture. In France, this couldn’t be... read more

Life is a Little Sweeter in Paris

The city of Paris has many nicknames. The City of Lights, the City of Love, but Paris is also the City of Sweets. Not only... read more

Preparing Your Home for Travel

Many steps go into planning a trip, and honestly, your to-do list probably seems never-ending. Making sure you have your passport and travel documents, confirming... read more